Hi, I'm Katie Latham

I created Changemaker Careers because social impact professionals just like you asked me to.

My work is informed by:

  • 10+ years of social impact experience
  • Roles in recruitment, leadership development, retention, and being a hiring manager myself
  • Georgetown MBA career center strategies
  • Reducing my number of job applications submitted by 50% (with NO networking!)
  • A whole-person approach

Whole-Hearted Human 

Founding Changemaker Careers isn't my whole identity. I love travel, street food/art, reading, volleyball, and being outdoors. I'm a queer woman and have cared for two loved ones in mental health crisis - so I take equity and wellness VERY seriously. However, I don't take myself too seriously - as you can tell through my playful and down-to-earth educational style.

On LinkedIn? Let's Connect!

LinkedIn isn't exactly a fun platform. 😅
But if you're already there, my #MoreHumanMonday and social impact job search posts can brighten your feed: